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Through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques our NLP Practitioner in Australia helps You in organising Your thoughts to achieve meaningful and sustainable goal.

NLP Practitioner in Australia

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Neuro: “The Brain and Neurology”
  • Linguistic: “The language that the brain uses”
  • Programming: “How to get the results, consistently”
    – Hannibal

There are different definitions of NLP – each of them, right in their own way. The most simplest definition that I have read is that NLP is a set of tools/processes to understand our unconscious programs – the ones that make us aware of the “WHY we do WHAT we do”

It is an access to the programs that run behind our behaviours and beliefs and make us see the world in the way we see it, interact with someone in the way we do and respond to external stimuli in the way we react/respond – in short, it is understanding how the “Language” (Linguistic) of the “Mind” (Neuro) create the “Programs” that run our lives (consciously or unconsciously).

And when we have awareness and access to these programs that run us, it gives us the ability to change them – in a sustainable and meaningful way. In a way that is deeper than the behaviour and environment – for example of taking away cigarettes from someone who wants to quit.

Our NLP Practitioner can not change Your Behaviours, but also Your thoughts, Your outlook and Your responses to internal and external dialougues.

One of the main ideas behind NLP was to model excellence and over the years this has become an effective way of identifying excellence (in any field/individual or organization) understanding the program that leads to said excellence and then model this excellence for others.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970 based “on modelling excellence’. Richard studied professionals who were excellent in their field (either in business or therapy) and understood the structure of what they were doing in order to achieve their goals. He was working on it in such a way that these techniques could be taught to others.

At The Guiding Star, we use NLP techniques because our goal is to give access to meaningful and sustainable efficiency to our clients.

What is NLP Techniques used for?

Since NLP enables us to change the programs that make us do what we do – we can use it in many different ways in our lives.

It can be used to assist “You” to become more effective communicators, problem solvers, and to achieve goals. When NLP is used in conjunction with other coaching tools, You will have more choices because you will have more perspectives and when you have more perspectives it gives you more flexibility and resources to approach a solution to a problem or the way to a goal.

We have used NLP with individuals to understand, manage and overcome depression, anxiety, panic and phobias.

Fight Depression
Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories

At TGS, we work with you, and along with you to understand and reveal the neural paths – the unproductive patterns that make you feel “stuck” and replace them with resources and programs that lead to coping mechanisms and empowering strategies.

NLP is one of the most effective tools that we have used for working with PTSD. Infact, Dr Frank Bourke, founder of the Research and Recognition Project used a modality of NLP to relieve PTSD sufferers in 5 sessions or less and went on to share, what he later termed the RTM (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories) Protocol, for others to be benefitted.

We are Qualified practitioners in the process of applying NLP methods in every field that involves human communication: medicine, health, fitness, sport, education, front-line workers, businesses and many more.

Since NLP techniques focus on preparing behavioural changes. We use NLP techniques to overcome Mental health issues, depression and anxiety. It can be used to treat phobias in particular, as well as other expressions of anxiety such as panic attacks. We, at The Guiding Star, will work with you to reveal the person’s “path”, the unproductive patterns that make you feel “stuck”, and then write a new path that replaces those with empowering habits and effective strategies. By using NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), you can also be benefited from a serious PTSD issue that disappears altogether.

NLP Practitioner in Sydney

There is nothing that NLP can accomplish is new: There have always been “spontaneous remissions”, “miracle cures,” and other sudden and puzzling changes in Your behaviour and You can learn how to use Your abilities in exceptional ways. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can eliminate many of the difficulties and hazards of living that we now experience, and make learning and behavioural change much easier, more productive, and more exciting.

We are Qualified NLP Practitioners in the process of applying NLP methods in every field that involves human communication: medicine, health, fitness, sport, education, front-line workers, businesses and many more.

Do You Need a NLP Practitioner in Sydney, Australia?

Do You feel insecure in Your life? Do You feel overwhelmed with issues? Do You feel that You can’t reach Your Goals in Your life? If You do not have any answers to these questions, then You definitely need a NLP Practitioner.