Re-visit Your Values with NLP Practitioner in Northern Beaches

Re-visit Your Values with The Guiding Star Template designed by NLP Practitioner in Northern Beaches, Australia.

Re-visit Your Values with our NLP Practitioner in Northern Beaches

What are Values?

Values are the things that are important to us, the driving and guiding force in everything we do and believe in.

Research says that our Values are created due to different experiences in our life – starting from early childhood, based on how we are brought up, our cultural and sociological background or events that we experience in our life.

When there is incongruence in any area of our lives, there is a chance that some/all of our Values in that area are outdated and are not being met.

Understanding Your own Values will help you be more aware of what makes You truly happy and help You consciously choose life goals that will help You get fulfilment in Your and others’ lives.

You can use this template to find out your values in the area of your choice.

Once You have identified the area of life that You want to elicit the value, ask “What is important to me about that area?” This is Your value.

  • For the Values that are being met, ask what You are doing well and can continue to do so.
  • For the Values not being met, ask what can you do to make changes to meet these.
  • What do You say to Yourself (-ve or +ve) about the values not being met? These might be the thoughts in Your mind or self ruminations.
  • What are the emotions that are present in this area of Your life?
  • Repeat this for all Values/ topics.

Re-visit Your Values with our Life Coach in Northern Beaches