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Having The Art of Giving To Yourself

Much have been written, recorded and replayed about “Giving” – whether it is material, emotional or psychological. And giving is a wonderful thing to do. Just imagine how much more beautiful and loving this world would be if more people “GIVE”.

Much less have been put on record and shared about giving to yourself. Well it seems that we don’t need much to understand this when it comes to giving something tangible – we are great at that. However, when we talk about the emotional and psychological giving to ourselves, most of us draw a blank.

We perform diverse relationship roles throughout our lives – children, friends, partners, colleagues, parents, managers and the list goes on. To perform any of these roles, there is a significant emotional and psychological exchange and it is here, that we get lost.

“You cannot pour from an empty cup”

So before you shower love, blessings, advice, happiness trust, loyalty et all, do remember to check if your cup have the emotions that you are trying to give. Do you have enough of self esteem, self worth and self respect ?

And as you do that, please remember that we HAVE all those emotions within us, waiting at your beck and call, to come and fill your cup. Sometimes, we have difficulty in accessing them because we are “out of touch” with them. Like any other activity, practice makes it easier to do things. With the plethora of stimuli that we get in the present time, many of us have become used to looking outwards for everything. But all those wonderful emotions and the reservoir of all resources, lies within us.

Even if you find it difficult to look inwards and tap those resources, there are ways and means to do that. 

There is enough scientific proof to show that our minds can be addressed to change any limiting patterns that we have and if you have the desire to do that, you will always find help.

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Sandip Mukherjee

Sandip Mukherjee, NLP Practitioner in Australia