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Creating and Identifying our own “Anchors”

As a Life Coach in Australia

In today’s world, learning to move through change and uncertainty is as important as a fish learning to swim in water. As a Life Coach in Australia, helping my clients to learn to sail through uncertainty is not enough unless they know how to do that sustainably.  

One of the ways is to use Life Coaching techniques to help them identify their own “Anchor” or “cornerstone”, which will keep them stay alert, focused and grounded through different situations of life and prevent them from being swayed away by life events- personal events, professional events or world situations, sometimes, or almost always, completely beyond our control.? 

We have “anchors’ for many situations and emotions – sometimes we have conscious anchors that we have learnt by ourselves or from others and call them rituals.

What is Anchor? 

Have you noticed a sportsman standing/moving in a certain way before a particular action? 

That is his anchor – it is an indication to his brain to be ready for a certain set of action(s). 

A person’s Anchor of life can be a belief, a value, a purpose, a picture in mind and many other things that they can relate to and hold onto when things go topsy turvy.? 

How to Use Anchor? 

Anchors and Life Coach in Australia

We can set anchors that serve us to do something, to our highest potential. These anchors, that are set with a purpose and intention are the perfect examples of leveraging our skillset and mindset, coming together for a desired outcome. 

I help my clients find this anchor/cornerstone and teach them how to use it. 

Like all Life Coaching conversations, the “anchoring sessions” start with a clean sheet and an exploratory mindset. Neither the coach, nor the client know the outcome.  

Through deep Life Coaching conversation, active listening, and different NLP techniques, I help my client to find their own “anchor” for life or any other desired goals. The journey that a person takes with me as their Life Coach in Australia, to get there, is as important as finding the cornerstone, as walking the path helps them to understand the “why” behind the “what” or the “how”, making the impact long term and more effective. 

When we know the “Why” the “How” follows. 

Once a person finds their anchor, they become more confident in themselves and less anxious of change or uncertainties of what the future holds, as they know, that they hold the key to their own peace of mind and can use it as their secret weapon whenever they want. 

They can use their anchors, to define and then access a resourceful state (like the sportsman) or create a state of calm confidence and action when the environment is volatile, complex and changing; thus giving them the maximum probability of achieving their goals. 

We have been using anchors from a long time.  

However, it is not too long ago, that we have found out how to consciously create an anchor and use them. 

Imagine, the strategic advantage if you can bring your best game to the table – whenever you WANT to. Creating a circle, where you can control your mindset, so that your skillsets are always performing at the peak. 

I invite you to ponder about the anchors that you may have created consciously/unconsciously and am curious to know how you would be creating and using anchors, now that you know you can do it. 

Sandip Mukherjee

Sandip Mukherjee, NLP Practitioner in Australia